2024 OUT Battlemoor

07/03/2024 - 07/07/2024




  • $50.00  -  Weekend Adult Member 16+
  • $60.00  -  Weekend Non-Member Adult 16+
  • $75.00  -  Full Week Member Adult 16+
  • $85.00  -  Full Week NonMember Adult 16+
  • Free  -  Child 0-15
  • Free  -  K/Q Outlands
  • Free  -  Outlands P/Pr
  • Free  -  B/B Aarquelle
  • Free  -  B/B al-Barran
  • Free  -  B/B Caer Galen
  • Free  -  B/B Caerthe
  • Free  -  B/B Citadel
  • Free  -  B/B Dragonsspine
  • Free  -  B/B Unser Hafen


Sporleder Centennial Ranch

Virtual Meeting URL: https://www.battlemoor.org/


Proof of Membership:
If a member ticket is purchases, and the attendee cannot prove current membership, the attendee will be required to pay $10 and sign a waiver.


Please join us in the beautiful mountains of southern Colorado as we celebrate what makes the Outlands great, Hospitality!

We are taking Battlemoor back to the beginning and putting all of our energy into sharing our love for the game with each other. Let’s remember what brought such a diverse group together in the first place and let our hospitality shine. Bring a new person and share your passion. Bring an old person and remind them what they loved about this game. Bring your mom so someone is always there to cheer for you. It is on all of us to show hospitality.


Refunds may be requested until June 19, 2024, at 11:59pm. Requests made after June 19th but before July 2nd, will only be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the Outlands Financial Committee. 
Refunds must be requested by emailing the Outlands Exchequer at exchequer@outlands.org.
Refunds must be requested by the person whose name is on the payment received and refunds will only be made out to that person.
All refund checks will be written and mailed within 2 weeks after Battlemoor, after attendance records are checked and associated payments have cleared.
Refund requests will be issued by paper check only.