SCA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes are posted after they have been approved by the Board at the following quarter’s meeting.

For more information about the quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism, visit the SCA website.


January 28, 2024 Quarterly Board Meeting (NEW)
February 26, 2024 Conference Call (NEW)
March 25, 2024 Conference Call (NEW)
April 8, 2024 Special Board Meeting (NEW)


January 22, 2023 Quarterly Board Meeting
February 27, 2023 Conference Call 
March 28, 2023 Conference Call
April 23, 2023 Quarterly Board Meeting
May 22, 2023 Conference Call
June 19, 2023 Conference Call
July 23, 2023 Quarterly Board Meeting
August 20, 2023 Conference Call
September 4, 2023 Special Board Meeting
September 19, 2023 Conference Call
September 26, 2023 Conference Call
October 21, 2023 Quarterly Board Meeting 

December 11, 2023 Conference Call 


January 30, 2022 Quarterly Board Meeting
February 28, 2022 Conference Call
March 28, 2022 Conference Call
April 24, 2022 Quarterly Board Meeting
June 14, 2022 Conference Call
July 5, 2022 Conference Call
July 12, 2022 Conference Call
July 24, 2022 Quarterly Board Meeting
August 29, 2022 Conference Call
September 26, 2022 Conference Call
October 16, 2022 Quarterly Board Meeting
October 25, 2022 Conference Call
November 10, 2022 Conference Call
November 21, 2022 Conference Call
December 12, 2022 Conference Call
December 19, 2022 Conference Call

Further archives coming soon - thank you for your patience!


Meetings are currently being held online via Zoom, and you can register to watch.

Groups interested in hosting a meeting should contact the Executive Assistant ( for information on meeting requirements and how to submit a bid.

The President of the SCA publishes Board Meeting reports within thirty days of each Board meeting. These reports contain the summaries of Society Officers’ reports, summaries of Board Committee presentations, and Requests for Commentary.

Recording of past meetings held via GoToWebinar can be viewed on the SCA YouTube channel.


You can address all the Directors at Correspondence concerning a particular Corporate function, office, or kingdom can be sent to the director who is the ombudsman responsible for that area.

Mail for members of the Board may also be addressed to the Corporate Office:

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
P.O. Box 611928
San Jose, CA 95161