195. Of Herd and Water

Type: Compleat Anachronist
Price: $7.50


Many SCA members are familiar with pre-17th century Western cooking, but not as many have experienced Asian food from that time period. CA 195, Of Herd and Water: A Yuan Dynasty Mongolian Food Primer, wants to familiarize the reader with the food served in the latter part of the Yuan Dynasty, 1279 CE to 1368 CE, the time when the great Mongolian Hordes ruled Asia. While dispelling some myths about Mongols’ food, it provides original recipes (translated in English), along with 21st-century versions including ingredients easily obtainable today, and photos of many prepared dishes. These recipes have been tried and tested not only by the author and her family, but also by many people in the Kingdom of Lochac (Australia and New Zealand). Not only will you learn about Mongolian food and cooking, but you also will able to replicate it.

Author: Natalie Aked